descriptionpmon for loongson3 series
last changeWed, 12 Nov 2014 01:30:37 +0000
2014-11-12 Huang Pei[3cserver]: partial revert previous SHUT_SLAVES fixup master tag_3B2W_20141202
2014-11-07 mengtianfangInitialise the OHCI controller, and USB kbd can be...
2014-11-07 Huang Peiparams passing to kernel is sitting in non-reserved...
2014-11-05 Huang Pei[3a780e]: 3a780e has only 4 cores, so let RESERVED_CORE...
2014-11-04 lixuefengFixup ddr2 config parameters for 2g:
2014-10-28 mengtianfangAdd the gmac on 1A support
2014-10-28 田延辉Revert "Add the gmac on 1A support"
2014-10-27 mengtianfangAdd the gmac on 1A support
2014-10-27 lixuefengAdd reboot,poweroff,sata function
2014-10-27 lixuefengAdd pci scan funtion the 1a is not a standard pci
2014-10-27 lixuefengAdd ps2 and dc output functions
2014-10-27 lixuefengAdd some functions for 2g1a
2014-10-27 lixuefengAdd ls2g1a support:
2014-09-30 wanghongmeiupdate 3A2H to 0.6 version tag_3A2Hr0.6_20140930
2014-09-30 wanghonghuAdd Support For 3A2H3 GPU Optimize
2014-09-29 wanghongmeiupdate verion of boardinfo in smbios master tag_3A/B780e1/2W_v3.3bygcc4.4_20140929
8 weeks ago tag_3B2W_20141202 3B2W stable version 20141202
4 months ago tag_3A2Hr0.6_20140930 3A2H0.6_20140930
4 months ago tag_3A/B780e1/2W_v3.3bygcc4.4_20140929 3a780e_1w/2w 3b780e_1w/2w 20140929...
5 months ago tag_3A2Hr0.5_20140814 3A2H release v0.5
8 months ago tag_3a2h_V0.4 the fourth version for loongson3a2h
12 months ago tag_V3.2_20140128 update to V3.2
17 months ago tag_20130806 the third version for loongson3A2H
20 months ago tag_20130527 a stable version for loongson3b1500...
20 months ago tag_20130515 a stale version for loongson3a780e...
22 months ago tag_20130322 the second version for loongson3A2H...
2 years ago tag_20121225 this version is a stability for...
2 years ago tag_20121116 a stable version for loongson3a2h
3 years ago tag_20110712 a stable version in the next sectio...
3 years ago tag_20110607 a stable version and form now on...
3 years ago tag_20110520 a stable version for 15suo
3 years ago tag_20110329 a version for building cluster
2 months ago master
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